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The only way to know the true condition of a property before you buy or invest is to hire someone who knows how to ensure every angle is inspected and can provide the information to you in a way you can understand. Zafras Property Services offers top quality property inspection services:

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Zafras Property Services believes in providing the highest quality home inspections with integrity and honesty as our core values. Ramon puts his engineering background to good use as a Certified Master Inspector to ensure “every angle is inspected”. Because of his engineering training and experience, Ramon can look beyond the individual systems (electrical, plumbing, structure, etc.) and knows how they work together. Ramon knows when a crack matters and when it doesn’t – he knows what to look for to find structural problems. Zafras has earned a reputation for being extremely thorough, which is why our tagline is “Every Angle Inspected.”

Our most common feedback in customer testimonials is that Zafras provides the most thorough inspections. That is a result of the education and experience of an engineer and Ramon’s “never stop learning, never stop growing” mentality. Ramon often can be found in continuing education classes to learn more and improve the services Zafras can offer.

Zafras Property Services provides quality, detailed residential and commercial inspections in Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties.

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When you’re investing in real estate, you don’t want surprises. Contact Zafras Property Services today to get “every angle inspected.”